Monthly Archives: October 2012

I decided it was high time for me to use my soundcloud account for something other than just following people and so I made a little mix of hip-hop from my collection of vinyl –  an anachronistic and totally arbitrary choice on behalf. At just under 45 mins you could even fit it on a single side of a C90…

Stream below, or hit the link to DL

*Yeah, I know it’s Saturday but it was recorded on Friday…


I’m loving the releases from NYC hip-hop artists The Masterminds‘ forthcoming album ‘Giant Antlers’. The first, ‘Suicidal Pigeons’ made it onto my 8tracks mix, The Individual9, and the second release from the album ‘Brooklyn Blackout’ features some pretty angry synths and is accompanied by a great halloween/horror themed video:

Giant Antlers is released on 30.10.12.