Monthly Archives: November 2012

These tracks have been dominating my playlists in the last few days – so I decided to make a mix with ’em.

Track List:

1. All City Intro
2. Information Station (feat. Malkovich) – Gotham Green & Quickie Mart
3. The algorithm rhythm – Masterminds
4. Time To – Analogue Monsta
5. The Q and the A (prod by Small Professor) feat Nex Millen – Zilla Rocca
6. Cobra Commander (feat. Danny Brown) – Open Mike Eagle
7. Hoping – Duke Westlake
8. The Only (DEFA + TXTBK) – Textbeak-N-Tndrond
9. No Love – Death Grips
10. Boss Fight feat. Milo – Open Mike Eagle
11. Altered States (feat. Subtitle, Alpha MC, Gajah, Murs, Volume 10) – The Kleenrz (Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal)
12. Grown Up – Danny Brown
13. Fat City Outro


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Your Friday WTF story comes via Wired’s Danger Room blog which reports:

“The Mexican military is trying to dismantle an extensive network of radio antennas built and operated by the notorious Zeta drug cartel. But the authorities haven’t had much luck shutting Radio Zeta down. Not only is much of the equipment super-easy to replace. But the cartel has also apparently found some unwilling — and alarming — assistance by kidnapping and enslaving technicians to help build it.

At least 36 engineers and technicians have been kidnapped in the past four years, according to a report from Mexican news site Animal Politico, with an English translation published by organized-crime monitoring group InSight. Worse, none of the engineers have been held for ransom — they’ve just disappeared. Among them include at least one IBM employee and several communications technicians from a firm owned by Mexico’s largest construction company. “The fact that skilled workers have been disappearing in these areas is no accident,” Felipe Gonzalez, head of Mexico’s Senate Security Committee, told the website.”

Copy/replace ‘Radio’ for ‘wireless mesh network‘ and you’d have the ingredients for a fantastic cyberpunk tale.