Sunday night music – Fat-City Mix

These tracks have been dominating my playlists in the last few days – so I decided to make a mix with ’em.

Track List:

1. All City Intro
2. Information Station (feat. Malkovich) – Gotham Green & Quickie Mart
3. The algorithm rhythm – Masterminds
4. Time To – Analogue Monsta
5. The Q and the A (prod by Small Professor) feat Nex Millen – Zilla Rocca
6. Cobra Commander (feat. Danny Brown) – Open Mike Eagle
7. Hoping – Duke Westlake
8. The Only (DEFA + TXTBK) – Textbeak-N-Tndrond
9. No Love – Death Grips
10. Boss Fight feat. Milo – Open Mike Eagle
11. Altered States (feat. Subtitle, Alpha MC, Gajah, Murs, Volume 10) – The Kleenrz (Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal)
12. Grown Up – Danny Brown
13. Fat City Outro


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