Linkblogging 25-7-13: Sea Level Rise Edition

Three links brought to me recently via twitter that I’ve been thinking about this morning.

First off is a report in the guardian, Rapid Arctic thawing could be economic timebomb, scientists say, which suggests that the release of huge quantities of methane as arctic permafrost melts could be as high as $60tn to the global economy.

Secondly, as reported by North Pole Now a Lake. Whoops. $60tn you say?

Thirdly comes this Rolling Stone article about the geological/hydrogical issues that threaten the continued viability of Miami as sea levels rise in the next few decades – a city dug out of swampland which struggles already to fight against sea-water encroachment and which will face huge infrastructure challenges in coming decades.

(image from  ‘Searching for Doggerland’

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