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I really do not like this song at all but if I ever hear it I am instantly transported back to the late 90’s and a certain few people singing it at the top of their voices. If I was feeling uncharitable I’d say they did it because they knew it annoyed the hell out of me but maybe they really did just enjoy it that much. Who knows? I never got round to asking them and now all three of the people concerned are living in fucking narnia or some shit spread around the country and I haven’t seen any of them for years.

But Tim, Launa and Luke this is for you guys:


I missed posting yesterday because my parents visited for lunch, and I went out for dinner later on with K so I didn’t get chance to sit down and write the post. So today will be a double-header.

First off, a song that makes me sad.

Bill Withers could sing the phone book and I’d find it full of feeling.

If this was a blog written by my girlfriend, today’s song would be “I will Survive”. She has such a visceral hatred of it that she would be quite willing to do bodily harm to anyone foolish enough to play it in her presence.

But this is a blog written by me, and currently my least favourite song is Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.

I’m not embedding the video by the way. Fuck. That. Shit.

The reason it is my least favourite song is pretty easy to express. It’s 2014 and there shouldn’t be anything like Thicke’s ode to rape culture being considered acceptable as part of mainstream pop culture.

I can’t even be bothered to write anything more about it, I just wished it would go away/never existed in the first place.

I always have a problem with labeling something ‘my favourite’ anything.

Especially with something that is bound up with all sorts of emotional stuff the way music is

But today, if I have to choose a single track to be my favourite I’m gonna just go with what first came to mind when I started to write this post, which was De La Soul’s Stakes Is High:

It’s probably not even recognised as De La’s ‘best’ song but as it came out during a period in the mid-90s where I was *heavily* influenced by east-coast socially conscious hip-hop. As a sharp criticism of the state of the world at the time it is very much at odds with their previously happy-go-lucky output, but the lyrics and (especially) J-Dilla’s production still seem as on-point as they ever have.

So that’s it. The first post of thirty. Tomorrow’s post is my least favourite song. It should be entertaining (to me at least) to see what I decide upon, cos I do hate a shit-load of different stuff.