2014 week 34


That is all. I have also been drinking and won’t proof read this so apologies for any grammatical oddities.



1.0 Robin Sloan posted on medium ‘In Praise of the Live Stream


The terrible live stream is precious because, of all the formats available to us now, it selects least. It resists the narrative compression of “news.” It shows a scene that, for all its intensity, is mostly slow-moving and confusing. It forces us to sit through the in-between minutes that an editor would cut. The live stream, uniquely among formats, is free to be muddled and boring, with no clear storyline and no assurance that This Is All Going Somewhere.

Just like life.


For a while I was kinda glued to Vice’s live stream in Ferguson. Especially so in the quiet bits. They can make you aware of the happening next-door *reality* of something in a way packaged news reports never can.


1.1 Also at Medium, Paul Ford imagined Wednesday August 20th, 2064. Spot the shiny happy GE corporate future vision. Contains an interesting take on total global surveillance / sensing though:

it’s interesting when you scan old history scrolls to learn just how panicked everyone was about total global micro-surveillance. They just didn’t see it as a means of liberation, like we do now. Of course they lived in the era of giant government-run spying computers like Multivac. No one could imagine the upside of having every human interaction observed by penny sensors at all times. I’m glad to live in a world where a young woman can hop into a self-driving car with a total stranger and not feel a bit of concern.


I think I recall the introduction of CCTV systems being lauded as a great crime reduction tool.


1.2 Street Legal – an article in The Baffler from last year, discussing the security state, militarisation of the Police, and how perpetual war begins at home. And why nothing will change post-ferguson:

Official acts are presumed proper. If proper procedures are followed, no culpability attaches. And the procedures are always proper, because if they’re not, then new ones will be invented to make them so. See?

Does this:


remind anyone else of:


JG Ballard absolutely nailing it in C21st.


2.0 CLIPPING. 2.1 Force Publique. 2.2 TOKiMONSTA. 2.3 SOME OTHER STUFF.


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